House Training Your Micro Pig

If your is to be litter-box-trained, place the box near its bed. When it awakes from a sleep, it will want to go to the potty right away.

If the pig is to be doggie-door-trained, be sure the path to the doggie door is clear of closed doors and other insurmountable obstacles.

Food and Water Dishes

Have your pig’s dishes for food and water ready. A good type of dish is a non-tip stain­less-steel bowl. One can be used for water, and another for food. A two-quart bowl is a good size to use for each, although if your piglet is very small, you may have to start with smaller sizes. Because pigs like to sort through their food with their snouts, you need a bowl much larger than the amount of food you will offer at each meal. If you get bowls other than non-tip stainless, your pig will learn to root under it and flip it over to see if something better is underneath, so you will save yourself much grief and mopping if you use non-tip bowls from the start. If your pig becomes smart enough to figure out how to flip over the non-tip bowls, you may have to build a retainer for the bowls. However, a young pig that starts off with a non-tip bowl will see it cannot flip the bowl over and will continue believing this.

Remember, habits formed at an early age— either good or bad—are the hardest to change.