Micro Pigs For Sale UK

Micro Pigs For Sale UK have been heavily featured in the British press over the last 12 months:

Tiny porkers with a big price tag: £700 ‘micro-pigs’ are the latest celebrity pet craze

micro pigs for sale uk

Yours for £650: The micro pigs that are the latest designer pets

Pig tales: Meet the house-trained micro pigs

But why are more people looking for micro pigs for sale UK?

It would be easy to answer such a question by saying, quite simply, that it is because pigs are the most adoring, intelligent, rewarding and giving animals you will ever come across but there are two problems with such a glib statement.

Firstly, if you have ever had anything at all to do with pigs you already know that this is a fact. Secondly, if keeping pigs is going to be a new adventure fo.netr you then it is only by keeping them you will realize that, if anything, this is an understatement rather than some wild ‘pig mad’ exaggeration.

Micropigs for sale in the UK may be because pigs are a part of our history

Winston Churchill once said, ‘A dog looks up to you, a cat looks down on you but a pig treats you as an equal.’ How right he was.

When you look a pig in the eye it looks back at you with an assured confidence that clearly reflects its determination and ability to learn almost as much about you by the way you behave as you intend to learn about the pig.

Don’t ever underestimate the pig’s ability to assess people, situations and their actions for this is the very quality that enables them to be one of the great animal ‘givers’ rather than just ‘takers’.

All of us, no matter what our individual background might be, much prefer ‘givers’ to ‘takers’ and this is one of the first benefits you will get when you become a pig keeper for the first time.

It does not matter whether you are just keeping a pig as a ‘pet’, thinking of breeding to help save some of our rare and traditional pig breeds or if you are planning to become a ‘hobby farmer’ or smallholder keeping two or three pigs so you can guarantee a better quality of meat for your family and friends – the result is the same.

Pigs will give you the benefit of a better quality of life as a result of their ability to ‘give’ you more than they take.

Where can you find micro pigs for sale UK?

Micro-pigs.net accept often have a number of micro pigs for sale in the UK