[Important] Checklist Of What To Look For In A Perfect Micro Pig

perfect micro pigs

How do you choose a micro pig that will be the perfect pet?

We’ve put together a check list for you to make sure you get a micro pig you’ll love:

1. Check the general health of the micro pig

  • Is the micro pig bright and active?
  • Are its eyes clear and free of matter?
  • Is its nose free of discharge? A small amount of clear moisture on a micro pig’s nose is normal.
  • Is the micro pig in good shape—not too fat, not too thin?
  • Are the micro pig’s hooves properly trimmed and free of fungus?
  • Is the skin supple and free of excess flaking? (A small amount of flaking is not harmful.)
  • Are the ears clean? Are they without a foul odor?
  • Are the teeth straight and clean?
  • If you can see a bowel movement, is it firm and free of visible worms?

2. Ask the seller to provide you with a complete record of vaccinations, immunizations, and deworming schedules

If he is reluctant, or flat-out refuses, then walk away.

3. Is there a health guarantee?

Ask the seller if you can take the micro pig to your vet for a physical. If your vet finds any serious problems, will the seller give you a full refund or exchange? If your veterinarian feels that a replacement would not be a good idea due to contagious disease or hereditary faults, will the seller give a full refund?

4. Is the micro pig microchipped, tattooed, or ear tagged?

Ensure that your micro pig has one of these identifiers before purchasing as it is something you will have to do yourself otherwise.

5. If the animal is registered, will the seller provide you, at the time of sale, with a litter registration certificate or a certificate of registration?

Again, this is crucial.  Without official certificates then there is no way for you to be 100% certain that you are buying what you think you are.

6. How gentle are the micro pigs from which you have to choose?

Many micro piglets and older micro pigs in a group will band together. Iso-lating a micro pig that appeals to you will give you a better idea of its nature. Ask the seller if the micro pigs bite, and ask him to catch the micro pig. If you select a micro pig that squeals when the breeder catches it, do not despair. It is the length of time the micro pig continues squealing that is important. Micro Piglets that have been properly socialized will not squeal at all, or will squeal for 30 seconds or less when first caught. If the micro pig takes a long time to stop squealing or doesn’t stop at all, resign yourself to the fact that this micro pig will take a lot more work than the non-squealer to make the wonderful house pet you are anticipating. If the micro pig tries to bite, even nip, cross it off your list immediately. Good disposition is imperative.

7. Has the pig been neutered?

Neutered animals are the best choice for pets.  Male pigs will occasionally get aggressive as their territorial instincts start to kick in and female pigs will be tempermental during hormonal imbalances.

8. Does the pig look and seem healthy and happy?

It shouldn’t just tick the boxes for the specific breed – it should look happy and generally in good health.

Things to check for:

  • The legs should be sturdy, with the toes pointing forward.
  • The micro pig should have two toes of equal length, with two dewclaws on the rear of the foot that touch the ground only when the micro pig is moving at a high speed or on a soft surface.
  • The rear legs should be set widely apart, with the hocks straight or pointing inward slightly.
  • The chest and shoulders should be well /developed.
  • The rump should be well rounded on females, a bit narrower on males.
  • There should be balanced muscling.
  • The micro pig should walk with good width between its legs.
  • The micro pig should move freely, without any limping or awkwardness.

9. Compare the micro pig to littermates or micro pigs of the same breed and age.

A genetically small micro pig with proper conformation will make a better house pet.

10. If all the above conditions have been met, then—and only then—pick for cuteness, color and personality.